Commitment Lifts A Dream From Fantasy To Reality

No matter what age pursue your dreams with commitment. Many dream of a different path. They imagine themselves as this or that but fail to take concrete action to manifest what they say they want. Inaction forges a future of sorrow. It keeps dreams in fantasy and the “dreamer” in a state of delusion. Their dreams are always someday. Without commitment dreams are half finished, partially imagined and rarely brought to fruition. So, dream but also commitment to your dreams. Take action, forge the will and determination to live your dreams. I’ll applaud your every success because I am living and pursuing mine. There is no need for petty competition among equals. There is a reciprocity and joy that comes with success. I hope that everyone has the courage to fulfill their dreams; as well as the willingness to make the changes necessary to do so. At times sacrifice is required but this is not martyred sacrifice, it is a sacrifice born of commitment and passion. It is a sacrifice that leads to triumph and the fulfillment of dreams.


1) Write down what you want to acheive.

2) Put your goals in order from the most important to the least important.

3) Choose a time frame from which you believe you can complete your dream.

4) Meditate (at least once a week) and visualize (daily) yourself having this dream. It is important to generate the feeling that it is already yours.

5) Surrender your dream without submitting. Note: This is a Concept Synergy Group phrase that means to release the dream to your Higher Self and to God/Goddess/All That Is. Or, if you do not believe in these things (they will forgive you for that) then surrender your dream to the Universe. The “not submitting” portion is that you are still going to do the WORK that is necessary to bring yourself into alignment with your dream.

6) Be grateful and trust the process of life. Your dream is now coming to you. Do not give you power away to the illusion. This means, if something goes wrong, don’t assume you aren’t going to get what you desire. Commitment means sticking with it even when the illusion delivers a challenge or two. Once you are in your destiny the challenges are no longer “problems to solve” but rather hurdles that you (the mental athlete) can glide over.

7) Be willing to receive. Most people think they are willing to receive but their lives demonstrate otherwise. Are you gracious with others? Do you applaud others successes? Are you willing to let your Higher Self, God/Goddess/All That Is take some of the credit for the manifestation of your success? If not, you might not be as willing to receive as you think. If you bristle at any of those questions, work with healing and transforming your negative-ego and then return to programming. I suggest the Concept Synergy group meditations on Negative-Ego. Their website is

I am here, dreaming that all who read these words can elegantly change, grow and succeed. I’m dreaming that you will have your dreams, just as others dream for me and I dream for myself. Commitment is a good thing!

Joy & Peace,

Kelle Grace Gaddis


About Kelle Grace Gaddis

Yellow Chair Review published Kelle Grace Gaddis’s first book, My Myths, in 2017. Other recently published works appear in BlazeVOX, Rhetoric Askew, Chicken Soup For The Soul: Dreams & The Unexplainable, Dispatches Editions, Vending Machine Press, The Till, Crab Creek Review, The Rye Whisky Review, Five Willows Poetry Review, The Hessler Street Fair Anthology, The New Independents Magazine, Thirteen Myna Birds, Knot Literary Magazine, Entropy, Dove Tales, and elsewhere. Ms. Gaddis has written three chapbooks, It Is What It Is - It Was What It Was, Visions Of and American Discard. She is honored to be one of 4Culture’s “Poetry on the Buses” contest winners in 2015 and 2017 She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington in 2014 (UWB). For more information visit
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